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How the 2016 Revamped SAT has Changed

How the 2016 Revamped SAT has Changed

Beginning in March of 2016, the College Board will be launching its new “revamped” SAT. The newly revised SAT hopes to strengthen the test’s predictive validity and more closely reflect the skills that college students actually need.

Here is a look at the “revamped” college entrance exam:

1. The 1600 score is back

According to the College Board, the 2005 implementation of the 2400 score was a failure and the SAT is reversing this mistake.

2. Guessing will not result in a penalty

For the new SAT, it will now be worth it to guess on a question. You will have a 25% chance of getting the question right, and you will not be penalized if you get it wrong, which is different from the SAT of the past.

3. Fewer choices

The number of multiple-choice answer options is decreasing from five to four. This will not only enable you to “guess” correctly if you need, but it also means you will not have to spend as much time analyzing each option.

4. You will have more time in each section

After the 2005 revamping of the SAT, one of the major complaints that students had been that there wasn’t enough time to answer all of the questions. In the new SAT, you will have more time in each section, and there will be 16 fewer questions on the overall exam.

5. The difficult vocabulary is a thing of the past

The redesigned SAT will now ask about functional vocabulary used in context, which does away with the flashcard-style rote memorization.

6. Use of graphs and charts will increase

One thing students will need to focus on will be the meaningful information from data presented in a variety of formats.

7. Texts that are more similar to those you are familiar with will be utilized

Another aspect the SAT has implemented will be the type of texts that you work with on a daily basis in your high school courses will now appear on the exam.

8. Be able to analyze evidence on the reading section

The new SAT will provide you with a prompt and then will ask you which piece of evidence from the text best supports that prompt.

9. Redesigned essay section

The 2016 SAT essay section will no longer be integrated into your writing score. It will now be graded separately and is optional.

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