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5 Things to Do Before You Graduate High School

5 Things to Do Before You Graduate High School

High school might be one of the best times of your life. You’re young, and you have an exciting future ahead of you. Anything that you dream, at this point in your life, could become reality one day!

However, it’s a lot easier to achieve a goal when you pave a clear path to it. So before you graduate high school and embark upon your next journey, take the time to do these five things that will help you decide your next steps.

Explore careers. The average person changes careers more than five times in their lifetime. Sometimes this is the result of simply choosing the wrong path too early. Before you get locked in on a plan, explore all of your options. Take some career assessment tests, get a part-time job in your field, or network with some professionals who have the career of your dreams.

Take a class in something fun. Most of your high school endeavors will focus on earning top scores in important courses that will impress college admissions boards. But you should also sign up for at least one fun course at some point. These classes help you get to know yourself better, and they can help you manage the pressure of your tougher courses.

Let go of expectations. Your path is your own, and you do not have to follow in a parent’s footsteps, fulfill a family legacy, or be the first to achieve some particular goal (unless you want to do those things). Let go of all external expectations and ask yourself what will truly make you happy.

Consider schools that have a discovery program. You don’t have to declare a major in your freshman year, and then stick with it for the life of your college career. Many schools offer a discovery program during the first year, to help you gain experience and decide upon a major.

Spend one summer doing something “different”. Once you enter adulthood, opportunities for life experience will be much more rare. Spend one summer working an unusual job, volunteering, traveling, or pursuing a unique hobby. This time can help you know yourself better, and give you well-rounded life experience that will serve you well in college.