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6 Job Interview Tips for High School Students

6 Job Interview Tips for High School Students

Many high school students are out looking for their first job.  With many employers hiring seasonal holiday help, it’s the perfect time to land a part-time gig.  Of course, you have to make it through the interview first! So before you head out to hunt for jobs, take the time to brush up on your interview skills with these easy tips.

Arrive early. Employers constantly wrestle with tardiness, so this is your chance to demonstrate your reliability. Try to show up about fifteen minutes before the interview appointment; if you arrive any earlier, you’ll just stand around feeling awkward.

Dress for success. Appearances matter, especially if the job will require any contact with the public. It’s not necessary to put on a suit and tie; just dress neatly and professionally, style your hair, and avoid excessive makeup or colognes. If the position is with a retail store, dress in the style of fashion that company represents. They usually like for their employees to “fit in” with their customer base.

Remember what they’re evaluating. Your potential employer is looking at how you interact with others. So greet the receptionist, shake hands with your interviewer, use appropriate eye contact, address them as Mr or Ms, and make small talk when required.

Turn off your phone. Better yet, just leave it in the car. Your interviewer might be observing you to see if you constantly check your phone while waiting, and you certainly don’t want beeps and rings interrupting your interview.

Demonstrate interest. Research the company a bit beforehand, because you will probably be asked why you want to work there. Also, ask a few questions of your own. Your interviewer wants to hire people who show true interest in the job and nothing will impress them more than if you already know something about their business.

Follow up. After the interview, send a short note expressing gratitude for the opportunity to interview. You can once again state how excited you would be to work for the company, or why you think you are a good fit for the position.

An interview can be nerve-wracking, but remember, employers do these all of the time. They’re really not looking to scrutinize you or pick you apart; interviews are just another part of their jobs. So show up, put on a professional demeanor, and display a positive attitude.  It’s just the first of many interviews you will attend in your life, and it’s good practice for college and beyond!