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7 Things Students Should Do Over Winter Break

7 Things Students Should Do Over Winter Break

Whew! Exam week is finally over, and you can head home for some much-needed rest and relaxation. But since you only have a few weeks off from school, you don’t want to waste it just sleeping all day! This is an important time to take care of some other areas of your life, that you might have let slide over the course of a busy semester.

Spend time with your family. You’ve probably missed your family, and they have missed you. Schedule a few fun family outings, and share everything you’ve learned over the past semester. Pretty soon, you’ll be headed off to college, and you won’t have many opportunities like this anymore.

Catch up with old friends. Family is important, but set aside some time to meet up with old friends. You might have lost touch over the past semester or so, but a happy social life is an important part of overall health.

Get some exercise. At the end of the semester, your busy exam schedule might have kept you cooped up studying in the library. Physical health is important, so get outside and get some exercise now that you have some free time!

Read. All semester, you’re buried in assigned readings. And let’s face it; some of those readings are not all that thrilling! During your break, you have the perfect opportunity to catch up on some reading in the field of your choice, or just fiction if you prefer.

Apply for scholarships and/or internships. It can be difficult to focus on these applications when you’re juggling exams, term papers, and a busy social life. Get a head start on them now, over winter break, and you’ll have less to do over the semester. Plus, if you get started early you’ll be less likely to miss any important deadlines.

Review your resume, essays, and cover letters. Keeping this information relevant and up to date will reduce stress in the event that a great, last-minute opportunity comes up.

Plan your schedule for next semester. You don’t want to arrive back on campus to discover that the classes you need are full, and you’re stuck with a boring, monotone instructor or electives that don’t interest you.

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