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7 Tips to Improve Your Study Habits

7 Tips to Improve Your Study Habits

As you prepare for college and beyond, it may feel as though life is a series of tests. Ask any adult, and they will tell you the “tests” don’t stop after college! But they do gradually evolve away from the pencil-and-Scantron-sheet variety. In the meantime, much of your success depends upon the grades you earn in high school, and then in your college classes. It’s important to learn how to learn, so that you perform as well as possible on those exams. Try these seven tips to improve your study habits.

Write it all down. Don’t rely upon your memory to keep track of assignments. Choose a method that makes sense to you, whether you take written notes or record details in your cell phone’s note app. Keep track of specific instructions for assignments, due dates, and exam schedules.

Get organized. You won’t be able to complete assignments if you don’t have the correct materials. Keep your backpack, desk, and school locker organized. Set aside five minutes each night to pack up everything you need the next day.

Communicate with your teachers. There’s nothing more discouraging than working hard on a paper, only to be told that you missed the point of the assignment. Ask questions and seek clarity about what is expected of you. And as always, don’t be shy if you forget the due date for an assignment. Speak up and ask!

Set aside study time. Decide how much time you need to study each night, schedule it, and follow through. Turn off the TV and other distractions. Don’t text your friends, and close down the chat windows on your laptop. Treat studying as you would a very important job – and one day you will be working that important job!

Avoid procrastination. Now that you’ve set aside a nightly study time, use it! If you don’t have an assignment due the next day, then work on an upcoming paper or long-term project. You will definitely have nights that are busier, so make some progress each and every evening.

Analyze your learning style. Are you an auditory, visual, or tactile learner? Take a test to find out, or work with your school counselor to discover your ideal learning style. Then, structure your study habits so that you tap into your strengths.

Take care of your health. Bring your healthiest self to study time; get plenty of sleep each night, exercise daily (it boosts brain health), eat nutritious foods, and take care of your emotional health. You will perform better in all areas, including school, when you are functioning at peak levels.

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