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7 Tips For Moving Into Your College Dorm

7 Tips For Moving Into Your College Dorm

Whether you’re headed off to college this fall, or still have a few years of high school to complete, it’s fun to think about the exciting move to your future learning environment. If you’ve chosen to live in a dorm, you will be transitioning to a very different life than the one you live now. It doesn’t hurt to start planning early!

A dorm room might be much smaller than your bedroom at home. You will probably share it with one or more other students, and you might have to trek down the hall just to use a group bathroom. It’s a big adjustment, but preparation can make en enormous difference in how well you respond to the change.

Talk to older friends or relatives. If you have a sibling, cousin, or friend who has already moved away to college, talk to them about life in a dorm. Ask what items they really needed, and which ones weren’t so helpful. This can help you decide what to bring with you to school.

Observe yourself in daily life. What items do you use every day, versus those that you use infrequently? Those everyday items should receive priority space when you’re packing. Later you can fill in with those extras, if you really need to.

Investigate your university’s offerings. This is an important part of the planning process. Find out what type of items will be offered in your dorm room, such as a microwave or mini-fridge, so you can prevent duplicates. Also investigate offerings on campus in general. If the gym has plenty of yoga mats, you probably don’t need to bring your own. If there’s a smoothie bar on campus, ditch your blender.

Contact your future roommate. You probably don’t need two hair dryers or two coffee pots. Make a list and discuss it with your roommate, and the two of you can split up responsibility for bringing various items. Plus, you’ll be dealing with less clutter once you move in together.

Consider the climate. If you’ve chosen a university close to home, you probably won’t change your wardrobe and daily habits very much. But if you’re moving across the country, you might make the mistake of bringing clothing items that you never wear. Or, you might get there and discover that you need something entirely new.

Request gift cards. Sure, it’s rude to outright ask for gifts, but keep your future needs in mind when relatives ask what you want for a graduation gift. Request gift cards from stores like Target, that can be used online. Once you get settled into your dorm room, you might find that you need to go online and order a few necessities.

Pack a few cleaning supplies last. Remember the “last in, first out” rule of packing! Whatever you pack into the car or moving truck last, will be the first thing you unpack when you arrive at your dorm. Bring a few basic cleaning supplies so that you can tidy up before moving everything else into the room.