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How Do I Choose the Right College

How Do I Choose the Right College

Choosing the Right College

Choosing a college can be a stressful decision, but with proper research and understanding what it is you want from your college experience, you can be on your way to the right school. Consider the following during the process.

Gather all the information you can on schools and programs that interest you. Talk to your college counselor, read college catalogs and visit Web sites.

Examine your motivations if you dream of attending one of the nation’s most competitive schools. Look for academic programs that match your interests.

Give careful thought to location. Will you want to have friends and family nearby? Can you afford out-of-state tuition and transportation home during the holidays? Do you want to be in a big city, or is small town life more your speed?

Weigh the merits of a small school that offers lots of individual attention against a large one with more resources. Many small schools fly under the radar, offering an excellent education and plenty of space available to incoming students.

Choose schools with strong programs in your areas of interest or major if you’ve already chosen one. Find out how hard it is to get into the classes you need to graduate.

Visit your top schools while they’re in session to get a real picture of campus life, socially and academically. Before you visit, find out when they offer tours, arrange to meet an admissions officer, and prepare a solid list of questions. Arrange an overnight stay in a dorm.

Get a campus checklist from your high school’s guidance office and make a copy for each school. Fill it in during your visit so it will be easier to compare schools when you get home.

Find out how much access you’ll have to professors and if they or teaching assistants teach most of the classes. Ask about average class size for lectures and labs.

Ask students and faculty about the extracurricular activities that interest you. If you’re an athlete, meet coaches from your sport and talk to team members. If you’re a journalism student, sit in on some classes and see the school newspaper staff in action.

If you would like more information or assistance in discerning which school if right for you, let the staff at Advanced College Solutions, Inc. be your guide!