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How Parents Can Work with Students to Fine Tune the College Admissions Essay

How Parents Can Work with Students to Fine Tune the College Admissions Essay

The college application essay is the opportunity for the student to provide insight beyond the numbers of your grade point average and college admissions test scores.

However, writing an awesome essay involves careful planning and execution, and a plethora of editing. This revision process is a time where parents can be a definite help to their son or daughter.

Here are a few tips where parents can help out that soon to be college child.

1. Create a “timeline” which will include specific “editing” days

It is extremely important that the student begins formatting, organizing, and writing a rough draft of his or her essay well in advance to allow time to proofread and edit.

Starting the essay during summer before senior year is a great idea. Having parents work with their son or daughter to create a timeline will relieve last-minute stress many students encounter. Set a timeline for finishing an outline, a draft, a first round of revisions, and the final essay. By setting these dates, parents can then provide updates on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

2. Grab the attention of the reader (the college admissions officers)

Having a personal statement that opens with an anecdote showing how you are capable of self-reflection, or that you have a great sense of humor, or that your leadership developed a sense of self-expression can do wonders setting you apart from the thousands of essays most students write.

The goal of the parent during the essay revision process is to ensure that the essay moves beyond the repetitive recitation of events. Make the essay come to life and show why you will be an asset to the college.

3. Focus on the audience

When writing the essay, remember who the audience is: the college admissions officers. Write an essay that is free of slang and other “teen” lingo and demonstrate maturity and superior writing skills.

Parents can help by acting as a “filter.” They can highlight specific expressions that suit the tome of the essay and can identify parts of the essay where possible different phrasing can make a more effective point.

4. Don’t influence too much

Parents need to remember that the college application essay is their child’s chance to impress. Too much parental involvement may harm a student’s final draft so limit your suggestions to more general observations.

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