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Deciding Factors for College Admissions

Deciding Factors for College Admissions

Deciding Factors

There are many considerations that colleges factor in when accepting new students.  Among the obvious are grades and test scores. But there are many applicants with equal or better grades and tests scores.  So what will set you apart?

Here is what colleges are looking at once they establish a student has the academic qualifications:

The Essay: Colleges weigh the subjective criteria differently, but the most selective colleges put more emphasis on the college essay. It is one’s best opportunity to share his or her personality, demonstrate the ability to think critically, prove excellent writing skills and persuade admissions that he or she will bring something extraordinary to campus.

The Interview: Very few colleges offer students the opportunity to have an interview. Many colleges provide what is referred to as an “informational” interview, but it does not factor into the college admissions decision. It is rare that schools require an interview.

Demonstrated Interest: This is a relatively new concept being embraced by an interesting variety of small- to mid-size colleges and universities. College rankings are based in part on a college’s yield; this is the percentage of students who say “yes, I’m coming” after contemplating their acceptances.

Colleges have figured out that if a student visits, sits in on a class, sends a thank-you note, makes a connection with an admissions representative either at their high school or a college fair, requests an interview, etc., it means they are interested. These behaviors demonstrate a greater likelihood that they will attend than the perfect applicant that has never set foot on campus or communicated with the admissions office.

Students need to inquire if the colleges they are interested in value “Demonstrated Interest.” If yes, it is important that the student make sure the college tracks their communication, which may mean registering when they attend a campus visit because it will be logged into their application folder. Some colleges ask what contact a student has had with the college on the application itself.

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