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Didn’t Get Accepted to Your Dream College? Here’s What the Experts Say…

Didn’t Get Accepted to Your Dream College? Here’s What the Experts Say…

If you are a high school senior and have been accepted to the school at the top of your list, congratulations! However, if you weren’t accepted to your “dream” college, here are a few words of advice from some college experts.

Ashley Memory, University of North Carolina’s senior assistant director of admissions recently said in an article, “If a particular college says ‘no,’ students shouldn’t take it as anything more than that. It’s not a reflection of who they are, and we hope they recognize that.”

Memory adds that all students, those who were accepted to the college at the top of their list and those disappointed by the news they received, need to keep an open mind and understand that each college student’s experience at the university level depends not on that specific college, but what the student eventually makes of it.

Katherine Fretwell, Amherst University’s Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid ¬†agrees about keeping an open mind and explains that all students should be prepared for some mixed news. You might get accepted to your top college choice, but you might receive disappointing news from the financial aid office or may not be admitted to the program you were intent on being a part of.

Fretwell also said that if you were not accepted to your top college choice, there is “more than one institution that can allow you to be challenged and to be successful…and happy!”

“As hard as it may be to do, students should not take denial personally. Admission decisions cannot always appropriately honor each applicant’s achievement and potential, particularly at the more selective institutions.”

Fretwell encourages students who have been “waitlisted” to be sure and read the fine print and respond to the college as needed. She also suggests that if you were placed on the waitlist, it is important for you to email and send updates on any additional important accolades¬†you have achieved since you submitted your application.

Greg Grauman, American University’s assistant vice provost for undergraduate admissions encourages students not accepted to their top choice to be pragmatic, and to understand that there is no such thing as the “perfect” college or university.

Grauman explains that, “Admittedly, it can be a tremendous disappointment if you are not admitted to your top choice. But have confidence in your ‘gifts’ and know that ultimately it is that institution’s loss. I would advise students not to expend their energy focusing on what might have been, but rather focus themselves on the choices they do have.”

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