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Some Helpful ‘Words of Wisdom’ from High School Seniors

Some Helpful ‘Words of Wisdom’ from High School Seniors

High school students are continually hearing from their teachers, counselors, and parents about what they need to do to prepare for the college admissions process. And although they may receive some great advice, there might not be any better “words of wisdom” than from graduating high school seniors who have been through the “trenches.”

A recent article interviewed a variety of high school seniors who were accepted to college and each gave informative and insightful answers about what they felt were valuable lessons that they wish they would have known about the college admissions process.

Here is a sampling of what these students said:

  • “Start thinking early about what you want to do after high school and how that could translate into a career.”
  • “Start looking at majors early. Assess your interests and your strong suits in academics. Then, try to match those with careers by doing research and actually talking to people in your target fields.”
  • “Waiting to the last-minute to get an essay written or applications filled out only makes the process more stressful.”
  • “Keep track of when deadlines are and make sure to get them done beforehand.”
  • “The best advice is to keep a list of everything that needs to get done! This was a lifesaver for me! I had a checklist that I would look at every day that showed deadlines and everything else and I would work on applications based on deadlines.”
  • “Take the ACT and SAT to see what areas you need help with and then work with a private tutor or company to build your skills in that area.”
  • “Be open-minded about colleges. You don’t have to go where your siblings or where your friends are going.”
  • “Tour as many colleges as you can to see which one feels the best.”
  • “Remember, it’s your decision. Go to where you think you will thrive!”
  • “Starting to research colleges early and staying motivated is key.”
  • “Try to complete much of the work for your applications the summer before your senior year.”

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