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High School Sophomores: Now It’s Your Time to Show Colleges Who You Are

High School Sophomores: Now It’s Your Time to Show Colleges Who You Are

Okay sophomores (incoming juniors), it’s your turn.

High school seniors have heard from colleges and are now preparing for life after high school, so now it is time for you to focus on the college admission process.

And even though there is not one specific factor that colleges look for in an applicant, you can make sure that your college application is as strong as it can be by analyzing the following list of criteria intended to help you stand out above other applicants.

  • Rigorous Curriculum

Most college admissions officers want to see that you have challenged yourself in high school and are prepared to take on the college workload. It is a great idea to have taken or be enrolled in advanced and/or AP classes and other rigorous courses that show how serious you are.

  • helpful tipsLeadership Roles

Admissions officers also like to see a student who arrives at their college ready to lead. These leadership roles can be from your high school clubs or organizations, leadership roles in the community, and/or leadership skills at your place of employment.

  • A Strong Grade Point Average (GPA)

You don’t have to have a perfect GPA, but make sure you have a mix of As and Bs in the rigorous classes. Also, if you show improvement over your high school career, that can definitely be an asset.  This upcoming year is really important for you to shine.

  • Strong SAT and/or ACT Scores

It is important to prepare for these college admissions exams. Unless you are naturally gifted, take a college entrance exam preparation class. We offer SAT and ACT workshops to help you prepare.

  • Extracurricular Activity Achievement

Focus on sustained involvement in a few organizations, clubs, or sports. Showing your dedication to a few activities is much better than having a long list of activities where you weren’t involved continuously.

  • Knowing how to Write an Impressive Essay

Being able to express how you are unique and how you stand out in a crowd through your college admissions essay can definitely be an asset.  We also offer writing workshops to help you with this.

  • Show Enthusiasm Towards Your Top Colleges

You know which colleges are at the top of your list so make sure these colleges know that, too. Visit the school, attend a camp, contact the admissions office, and find alumni who attended these colleges and talk with them. In addition, make sure you explain how important the college is to you in your application.

  • Volunteer/Community Service

Show the college that you are a committed contributor to the community and that you look forward to continuing this community service while attending their college.

If you have questions, just give us a call and set up an appointment.  We’d be happy to discuss this further with you.