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Important Factors to Consider Before Choosing a College

Important Factors to Consider Before Choosing a College

As many high school seniors are getting their acceptance notices from colleges, the time will soon be here to make that choice on which college they will attend.

Danielle Jackson, a current college senior, recently wrote an article on the important things she would have done differently during her college search.

Here is a synopsis of her article:

  • Go on College Visits

A college visit can play a critical role in helping you decide what college is best for you. Even though current college websites will allow you to find almost everything you need to know about a college, getting a firsthand experience at your future college will give you the opportunity to see everything you need in “reality,” and will give allow you to even get involved with your new college community ahead of time.

  • Use Your Resources

There is money out there and a lot of organizations are willing to help you pay for school. Look at the scholarship opportunities that your prospective college has to offer and go from there. Utilize your high school counselors and make sure they keep you in the loop about scholarship opportunities and grants.

  • Go Beyond Just the Location

When you are thinking about a college, geography, cost, religious affiliation, teacher-to-student-ratio, and a few other things come into play. Just because a college is far from home, it shouldn’t be discounted. Every college freshman gets homesick, but most likely everything will work out in the end, and if that college away from home offers many positive attributes, seriously consider it.

  • Attend a Pre-college Orientation

Many colleges offer academic summer programs that will give you a head start at your college. Pre-college programs and events can also give you your first “taste” of what it is really like to spend some time away from home. In addition, it is a great way to bond with other college students as well as upperclassmen who have already been in your shoes and know what it is like to be in your situation.

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