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Important Tips for First Generation College-Bound Students

Important Tips for First Generation College-Bound Students

This fall, more first-generation college-bound students will be applying to colleges than ever before.

It is an amazing accomplishment to be the first in your family to attend college, but the college admission process can be overwhelming.

According to an article in the USA Today, here are some tips for the first-generation college student applying this fall.

1. Recruit someone to be in your corner

It is a great idea to find a mentor, someone who knows about the college admissions process. This could be a teacher, counselor, or coach. The guidance and support they offer can help you get through the roller coaster ups and downs you may face when applying.

In addition, at Advanced College Solutions is the best way to find out all about how to get into college, which colleges give money and how to make yourself a successful college candidate.  Often you’ll find us to be your most valuable resource because for decades, our entire focus has been helping students get into college and obtain financial aid.

2. Talk to your high school counselor

Your counselor can give you great advice and put you in touch with programs that available in your area that focus on first-generation college-bound students. Some of these programs are federally funded and designed specifically for students in your situation. They often offer college advising and financial guidance.

3. Attend college fairs or attend “fly-in” programs

Many cities offer college fairs where admissions representatives are on hand to give you information about their college. The Promenade hosts an annual College Fair in the fall so keep your eyes open and attend.

Some colleges offer “fly-in” programs, where first-generation students can visit a college at little or no cost. These visits typically include free overnight stays, information sessions, and campus tours.

4. Find support among your peers and other first-generation students

Seek out and find friends or other first-generation students who can give you valuable advice about applying to college. You may be able to find information through the social media as well.

Remember that applying to college is only part of the process. Getting advice on choosing a major, finding housing, and searching for internships through the eyes and experience of another first-generation college student can definitely be helpful.

If you have any questions about the college admissions process, please feel free to give us a call and set up an appointment so we can help prepare you for life after high school.