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Keeping Up With College Admissions Trends

Keeping Up With College Admissions Trends

As another year of high school comes to an end, those students still in high school need to stay informed on recent college admissions trends. By doing so, high school students will have a good handle on what to expect as they get ready to research college interests and start applying to those colleges that are intriguing to them.

According to a recent article, one college admissions consultant explained that with the competitive nature of admissions and admission rates at elite colleges at their lowest level, students are applying to more colleges to make sure they gain acceptance to several colleges.

The following are a few current college admissions trends to think about.

  • How many colleges should you apply to?

A research was conducted through online resource websites, social media, visits, college fairs, and conversations, and the study showed that students should prepare a list of between 10-12 colleges that interest them. These colleges should be equally categorized into 1. likely admission; 2. a 50% chance of being admitted; and 3. probably a reach, but I am applying anyway.

The article suggested that once you have compiled your list, you should prepare a “timeline” that shows all of the admissions policies of the schools on your list. Then, start doing your research on each college now so that you are not bombarded all at once, which will only cause stress.

  • Pay attention to “demonstrated” interest

Colleges offer you acceptance because they believe you will be an asset to their institution. You can demonstrate your specific interest by showing that you have knowledge about the college and you can explain how you will be beneficial to the university and to the community it serves. As soon as you have your list of colleges, it is a great idea to start contacting each college to show you are definitely interested.

  • Take advantage of your summer

During your summer months, you can start preparing your college admissions essays, research the colleges and find which ones are the best “fits” for you, and compare colleges to see how they differ from each other. You can make a list of what is important to you in a college. Do you want to attend a college with a small enrollment? Do you want to attend a college close to home? Does the weather matter to you?

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