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Learning Style is a Key Factor in Selecting a College

Learning Style is a Key Factor in Selecting a College

Learning Style is Key

This time of year there is much angst surrounding the college admission process. Parents and students need not be overly nervous, unless the student decides to apply to a college for the wrong reason, such as it is “hard to get in,” or because everyone will be impressed.

What constitutes a more appropriate reason to apply? Applicants may well achieve some degree of serenity by asking themselves a question that is so obvious yet often overlooked: What is your learning style? Here are some good starter questions:

How Do You Learn Best?

Are you an independent learner or do you need direction? Do you prefer to work alone or in teams? Who was your favorite teacher and why? Do you feel you learn best in big settings, like lecture halls, or smaller venues, like seminar rooms?

How Do You Interact With Others?

Are you an initiator or a follower? What causes stress in your life and what results in enjoyment and productivity? Are you open and tolerant of differences, or do you prefer to be with people like you?

What Are Your General Objectives?

You don’t have to know what you want to major in, or even what you want to do after college. But you should know what you enjoy learning about.

Answers to these three simple questions will help you understand yourself, and signify the first step in selecting the right college application set. Once you gain this understanding, it is important to find out how colleges approach teaching and learning in and out of the classroom. This can be done through cautious research.

The college selection process does not have to be taxing if you concentrate on what is really important, focusing on self-discovery and prudently examining institutional characteristics. Once you have done this well, your application set will not only make sense, but you will find that your choices in April are broader and more acceptable than you would ever have imagined.