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How to Prepare for the SAT

How to Prepare for the SAT

Preparing for the SAT

The score on a standardized test can be influenced by a number of factors.  How much do you know about the subject being tested? How skilled you are at taking tests?  What is your comfort level with standardized tests? How accustomed you are to the style of the test?  No exam can test your knowledge thoroughly, but rather, it provides a snap-shot of that given time.   However, that “snap-shot” in time will play a critical role in determining your future so being prepared is vital.

The SAT score report submits a score for each section and a score range.  Colleges, just as the students, look at the score itself, not the range.

Preparing for the SAT should center on both test-taking skills and subject matter. You need to be motivated; you need plenty of time to understand the lessons; and you need to study close to the time of the test. There are different ways to prepare. A short preparation will generally focus on test-taking skills, because subject matter preparation usually takes more time. These techniques are both beneficial.

Developing a vast vocabulary is a crucial part of SAT preparation, and many programs try to empower the students to master the most frequently tested words. Likewise, knowing basic mathematical formulas may be essential to solving math problems. SAT preparation targets basic math ideas in which students are believed to be proficient. This is particularly beneficial for student’s without recent exposure. Also included in the preparation is writing and grammar practice.

For many students with strong skills in all three areas, the most worthwhile part of SAT prep deals with test-taking technique. Practicing tests under timed conditions as well as learning how to approach different questions. It is common that questions are grouped in certain categories and difficulty increases throughout the test.

However you decide to ready yourself, don’t make SAT test day even more stressful by arriving unprepared.  Take an honest look at how much time you need to prepare, and make the commitment.  The time involved will be well worth it when you receive your higher test score!

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