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Reasons Why Students Decided on a Specific College

Reasons Why Students Decided on a Specific College

Deciding on which college or university to attend is one of the biggest decisions a high school senior can make.

Hearing the reasons why a current college student or a recent college grad chose a specific school can help you in making your decision.

A recent article in the U.S. News and World Report gave responses to the question, “Why did you pick this college?”

Even though you may not be applying to these specific universities, the reasons the students gave might apply to the college you are considering.

  • Yiping Xing, a 2015 graduate said that he fell in love with the innovative spirit that permeates the campus of MIT. He was also confident that MIT equipped him with the skills he needed to thrive.
  • 2015 graduate Nick Pacula said he chose Cooper Union because it had one of the most innovative architecture programs in the country. This college also had world-class cultural and professional offerings, and had strong support of student-led research projects.
  • Matthew Hill, who graduated this year from the University of Illinois said how he was impressed by how engaged everyone on the campus was.
  • Wake Forest University senior Harsh Patolia said that the campus visit made him fall in love with the college and that Wake Forest offered a combination of classroom, research, and service experience that will prepare him well for his future.
  • Senior Lesley Stevenson said that the University of Notre Dame offered not only great academics, but a great community. In addition, the university has a student body that lives and learns together and its religious identity encourages the belief that knowledge can be used as a force for good.
  •  2015 graduate Amy Levitt chose UC Santa Barbara because of its beautiful surroundings, its supportive community, and its reputation as a top academic institution. She also said the professors at UCSB were extremely friendly and accessible.
  • University of Denver 2015 graduate Anna Gauldin chose this Colorado university because it had six living-and-learning communities that brought like-minded students together and it is ideally situated for outdoor adventures.

Hopefully these responses give you ideas on what you want from a college and help you determine the best fit for you.

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