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Resources That Might Help You Find Scholarships and Awards

Resources That Might Help You Find Scholarships and Awards

High school students are well-aware of the increasing cost of attending college. And students are often scrambling to find extra money that will help them pay for the university that they have been admitted to.

A recent article in the U.S. News and World Report by Jessica Zdunek gives some insight to places that you may not think about when contemplating getting some extra money to pay for college.

1. Your high school counselor

Yes, your high school counselor has guided you throughout your high school career, making sure you met all of the requirements to become eligible to attend the colleges on your wish list, but your counselor may also help figure out how to pay for college.

Ask him or her if your high school offers any scholarships for graduating seniors or if he or she knows of any university-specific awards that you may qualify for. You may just find some type of scholarship you didn’t even know existed.

2. Your boss

If you happen to have a job, your manager might be a great source to ask about scholarships for college. Many companies and organizations grant employees money to help them further their education.

3. Your coach

Ask your high school coach if he or she has insight about any awards or scholarships that don’t require you being an awesome athlete. Your coach probably knows many other coaches, not only at the high school level, but at the college level as well, and may be able to guide you in the right direction in getting some money to pay for college.

4. Your college admissions representative

Once you are accepted to a college, ask the admissions representative about scholarships. You may receive some great information about awards you qualify for based on your background, intended major, and/or academic history. And since your college admissions representative wants you to attend that college, he or she can be a great resource for potential money towards college.

While we don’t specifically focus on scholarships and awards here at Advanced College Solutions, we are always willing to discuss things with you and give you tips and advice.  Let us know if you have questions and we can set up an appointment.