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Should I Choose a Military School?

Should I Choose a Military School?

Is Military School Right for Me?

There are different types of military schools. Federal academies are overseen by the US Congress and are charged with supplying commissioned officers for the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Merchant Marines.

Private and state-run military institutions operate on a college-application basis. As private institutions, they are not subject to direct federal oversight, and not all graduates enter military service (although many do).

Students in military schools complete a degree program in their chosen field, which includes a core curriculum of English composition, math, engineering and science. Your schedule as a cadet will be highly structured to reinforce the priority of academic excellence and self-development.

Military schools have a disciplined and physically demanding environment; programs conform to strict standards and follow a chain-of-command. If you are up for the challenge, and are willing to succeed, this may be the type school you would prefer.

You should be aware that the academies run by the federal government require their cadets to serve in the military for a few years (usually five) after graduation. Graduates enter their branch as commissioned officers, ready to lead those who have enlisted through regular means.

A cadet’s goal is to strive for academic excellence and pursue the maximum level of academic achievement. Your responsibility is based on your individual abilities, and the academic programs are designed to maximize your capabilities.

There are also opportunities to participate in a wide array of sports. Extra-curricular activities are designed to broaden a student’s mind and provide him or her with the foundations of college success.

There are a number of ways to help you pay for college, but you must do your research. In the federally-run military academies the government pays for your education. However, competition for entrance to the academies is fierce; students must be nominated by a member of Congress or the Department of the Army. Private and state-run military schools work on a regular college application basis.

The choice to attend a military school can definitely move your life and your career in a positive direction. These programs are challenging, but in the end you are quite likely to be rewarded with a great job for which you are well-trained.

If you need assistance in choosing the perfect school, please contact our staff, we would love to help you in your decision making process.