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Social Media Can Hinder College Admission

Social Media Can Hinder College Admission

Social Media Damage

According to a recent survey by Kaplan Test Prep, 27% of college admissions officers say that they Google applicants and 26% check their Facebook profiles during the admissions process.  35% of admissions reps said they reviewed something on these sites that negatively affected a student’s chances of being accepted. Since last year, this figure has nearly tripled.

The reviews are not only done by admissions departments. Sports team coaches, in particular, seem to like to check out potential athletes. Colleges and coaches do not want to invite trouble onto campuses and teams. The student who is bold enough to post a picture drinking alcohol as a minor or smoking pot illegally is not a stellar choice. Officials want responsible students who will follow the rules. Even after you are accepted to college, questionable postings can jeopardize your enrollment. Colleges can and will withdraw acceptances based on illegal or unethical behavior.

So, what is the best way to use Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites during the college admission process and after? First, your posting should reflect who you are in a positive manner. Pictures should be of you, your family, friends, sports, performing and visual arts, etc. Rants should be about your favorite activities, political and social passions, family vacations, camp and the latest goal you scored. You should join the Facebook pages of colleges you are interested in to follow news, connect with existing students, and get admissions advice. And finally, after you are accepted to a college, Facebook can be a great way to meet fellow students before you get to campus, and maybe even find a roommate!

Social media is a fantastic tool that allows students to garner much more information about colleges than ever before. However, it also makes students far more vulnerable than past generations. Next time you log on, think about what if you are comfortable with college admissions reps viewing your latest picture or post.