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Social Media Making an Impact on Finding College Information

Social Media Making an Impact on Finding College Information

Social media is quickly having a major impact on high school students who are researching which college they may want to attend.

Facebook is the still the dominant social media site where students can begin researching colleges and becoming knowledgeable about a college’s history. Social media manager at Duke University Cara Rousseau says, “Facebook is where many conversations about a college take place, where the most recent photos and videos get posted, and where many followers gain an intimate look into college life.”

In addition, a tool that will soon integrate into Facebook, and will even give a complete “sense” of the college atmosphere, is Oculus Rift. This is a virtual reality headset where students can see the campus of their choice.

You Visit, a leader in virtual campus visits, says Oculus Rift is “reverse teleportation, bringing the location to the person.” Rift provides a “true” campus experience, something that photographs can’t capture from Facebook, Tumblr, or Instagram.

Besides Facebook, there are many other social media sites that are beginning to make headway into the college search.

Pinterest has virtual boards where numerous colleges will post links to their information on campus resources, college information, or admissions tips.

Tumblr acts as a blogging site for many admissions offices. Discussions and answers can be found focusing on applications, admissions decisions, and deadlines.

Instagram is now used by admissions officers to share photographs of daily campus life and premiere admission information letters.

Twitter is used by many students to interact with colleges and specific departments within a college. Many of these actually have their own Twitter accounts. You can even tweet a department you are interested in and have dialogue about special majors or internships.

Twitter also allows prospective students to follow certain hashtags to monitor new college announcements and many other things you may be interested in pursuing.

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