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Three Steps to a Great Roommate Match

Three Steps to a Great Roommate Match

After gaining admission to your preferred university, receiving your dorm room and roommate assignments is the most anxiety-provoking experience for many incoming college freshmen. You’re not only hoping to be assigned to the dorm of your choice; you’re also keeping your fingers crossed in hopes of a great roommate. But depending upon your chosen school, you might not have to rely solely on luck.

A few colleges make these assignments at random, but most have developed a formula of sorts for matching roommates. And since you’ll be living with this person for the next nine months or so, you might be wondering if there’s any way you can ensure a good match.

Actually, there is!

Pay attention to that freshman housing questionnaire. After enduring numerous tests, writing essays, and filling out numerous applications for admission, the last thing you want to do is more paperwork. But at least this little chore feels a bit more fun and personal. Your college’s housing department will use this questionnaire to match you with a roommate, so return it promptly.

Be honest. It’s tempting to talk yourself up in the housing survey, but remember that your prospective roommates and peers won’t be reading it. Only a few employees in the housing department will be reading your answers, so go ahead and be very honest about yourself. If you’re a neat freak, like to stay up very late at night, have a musical preference for death metal, or need absolute silence to sleep, say so. There’s no guarantees of being matched with the perfect roommate, but the housing department does try to match roommates who have similar lifestyles when they can.

Go into detail. Don’t just mention that you like music, or you’re interested in politics. Go ahead and mention your love of reggae, or those protests you attended. These types of specifics can help you get matched with someone whose company you actually enjoy. And that’s important, considering most dorm rooms don’t offer a ton of privacy!

The housing survey might not feel like the most important part of your college application process, but completing it can make a big difference in how much you enjoy your freshman year. Give it the time and consideration it deserves, and you might even be matched with your next best friend.