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How to Survive Before Decisions Arrive

How to Survive Before Decisions Arrive

Waiting for college admission decisions can be excruciating. You’ve submitted your applications. Your fate is now in the hands of the admission staff. What else can you do?
Keep Your Grades Up
Don’t relax about your senior grades. Your college will expect them to be consistent with the grades you submitted with your application.
Make Sure the Colleges Have What They Need
Check your school portals and your email regularly for requests and updates. Contact your high school to make sure they sent your midterm grades if they were requested.
Keep on Top of Changes and Late-Breaking Info
Sometimes things change after you submit your application. It could be something simple like your address or phone number. Admission offices don’t like surprises, so let them know.
Continue to Show Your Interest
Colleges, especially private colleges and universities, appreciate students who want to attend their institutions. You could send a letter to your college representative describing recent accomplishments and explaining why you continue to be interested in the college and believe you would make a good contribution. But don’t call repeatedly to find out when admission decisions will be sent. You want to be remembered for being a great candidate for admission, not a pest.
Visit Your Colleges
If you didn’t get a chance to visit a college before you applied, now is a good time to do it. Touring is the best way to get a feel for the campus. Talk with students and see what they like or dislike about it, sit in on a class, experience the weather, eat in the cafeteria, tour the dorms, and appreciate the landscape, architecture, and surrounding community.
And Lastly, Try to Relax
The hard work is done. Your applications are hopefully all submitted. You have finished your standardized testing, and you are on the home stretch with your high school course work. You will receive school acceptances and declines by April, and will be committing to a school by the national deadline of May 1st. In a few months, you will know where you are going, choosing classes, roommates, and starting this next exciting chapter!