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Tips to Consider as College Application Season Begins: Part II

Tips to Consider as College Application Season Begins: Part II

Last week we wrote an article on advice high school students should think about when applying to colleges. Here is the second part of the series.

1. Focus on your grades from the start

Your grade point average is a vital part of your college application. The importance of achieving excellent grades starts your freshman year and last all four years, so there is no time for slacking.

2. Keep focusing on your grades even after you have applied

Don’t let “senioritis” get the best of you. There have been many cases where a college rescinds its offer to a student once it receives the student’s final transcript. If you have succeeded academically your first three years, aim to do just as well or even better your senior year.

3. Know the college application deadlines

Make sure you keep track of each college’s deadlines so you know when you have to submit whatever you need to submit. Missing a deadline will result in not being accepted to that college. Figure out the best way to stay organized with this, whether it’s using a planner, using your phone to alert you, or having a calendar with deadlines highlighted so you don’t miss anything.

4. Use a “tasteful” email address

Using an email address that is tasteless or offensive immediately gives the college application officers a bad impression. For example, use something simple like It is easy for the college to remember and it will give the impression that you are serious about the application process.

5. Take the admissions interview seriously

If you are required to have an admissions interview, think of it as an important job interview. That first face-to-face impression can go a long way in you being accepted. Know your strengths and weaknesses, be ready to explain why you will be an excellent contributor to the college, know what makes you unique, and practice your interview skills before that important day.

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