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Things to Think About if You Have Been Deferred

Things to Think About if You Have Been Deferred

As high school students start hearing from the colleges they have applied to, some students might see that they weren’t admitted or denied, but “deferred.”

A deferral should only occur if you applied early decision or early action. This will mean that the college didn’t admit you, yet, but will reevaluate your application during the “regular” admissions period.

Steven Mercer, a California-based college admissions consultant, explains that a deferral is good news, because it shows that the college is still seriously considering you. In addition, Mercer says that the majority of a college’s class is usually filled during the regular admissions period.

A recent article by Kaitlyn Mulhere suggests that deferred students do the following to increase their chances on still being accepted to your #1 college.

  • In February, write the admissions office. Identify yourself, thank the admissions officers for going over your application. Also, ask if there is anything you can do to help your case. Just make sure you do not pester the admissions office by contacting it repeatedly.
  • Make it clear that you still want to attend that college and do what you can to “stand out” in its applicant pool.
  • Send your first semester grades of your senior year, especially if you took challenging courses. And, if you retook the SAT or ACT, give the college your updated scores if they improved.
  • You may also consider adding any other accomplishments you have that you didn’t include on your initial application.
  • If you do have other colleges you are interested in, update your application with all of the important information.

Mildred Johnson, director of undergraduate admissions at Virginia Tech says that her university “usually admits about 50% of students who were deferred from the early round.”

Katherine Cohen, founder of Ivy Wise, a college admissions consulting company explains that even if being admitted from the deferred list is a long shot, you should still do everything you can to get into your #1 school. Cohen also says that you should also reevaluate your list of colleges to decide whether that school is still your favorite.

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