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Tips for the College Visit

Tips for the College Visit

If you are a high school student who plans to attend college, sooner or later you’ll begin visiting various college campuses to find the college that is the best fit for you.  Maybe you’ve already gone on a visit or two!

The next time you’re preparing for a college visit, consider this list of suggestions…

1. Create a checklist for each visit you take.

It is a great idea to sit down with your parents and discuss what you want to experience while you are visiting a college. You might want to think about including the following:

  • See a “real” dorm room. Make sure you are not just seeing the “model” dorm that many colleges show. And, if the college has a variety of dorms, check to see if you can see each one.
  • Visit the dining commons and eat a meal there
  • Check out the college’s health and fitness facilities
  • Visit the career center and talk to someone who works there
  • Take a cruise around town to see the restaurants, shopping options, and movie theaters
  • Make sure you also check out the college’s transportation system
  • If you think you are going to be involved in an on-campus organization, see if you can talk to someone about the activities they have

2. Prepare a list of questions for admissions officers and/or student tour guides when you visit.

Think about what you really want to know about the college and ask. Here are a few examples:

  • What percentage of freshman students actually graduate in four years? five?
  • What is the percentage of students who participate in Greek life (joining a Fraternity or Sorority)?
  • How many classes will I have in a large lecture hall with hundreds of students?
  • How can you ensure that I will be safe on campus?

3. Find more out about your potential major.

  • When you visit, ask if your major has possible internships during your college career
  • Inquire about study abroad options if that interests you
  • Does the college offer any special interdisciplinary majors

4. Talk and talk some more to everyone you meet.

  • Even though it is summer and there won’t be many students on campus, talk to the ones you do see about their opinions about the college
  • See if you can talk to any of the professors on campus

5. Experience the College

  • If you can find a copy of a current or recent student newspaper, get one and read it to see what is happening on campus
  • Most colleges have a college radio station, so listen to it for a few hours

Once you return home, it is a good idea to keep a journal or notebook about what your thoughts were on each college you visited. In addition, list the pros and cons. Finally, if you did happen to speak to anyone who works at the college, send them a thank you note.

At Advanced College Solutions, Inc., we offer a variety of programs that will prepare you for the college admissions process. Please give us a call and set up an appointment so we can get you started on your college extravaganza!