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Tips to Help Parents Whose Child will be Going to College

Tips to Help Parents Whose Child will be Going to College

Many parents of high school seniors are seeing their sons and daughters getting acceptance letters or emails and this solidifies the fact that their child will soon be off to college.

So what can mom and dad do to make that transition easier for all involved?

A recent article in U.S. News and World Report gave tips for parents and here is a synopsis of the article.

1. Research the College

Experts say that parents should visit the college’s website and find out about academic, social, and personal resources available for college students so your son or daughter will know where to go if he or she needs assistance. It is also a great idea to be involved in the orientation process at the college to see everything the campus has to offer.

2. Create a Financial Plan

It is vital to talk to your teen about all of the finances involved with college, including budgeting, student loans, tuition, and textbooks. You should also iron out and discuss items such as transportation home and if your son or daughter will need to have a job to help with expenses.

3. Remember to let them lead

As a parent, you will need to let your college student become independent and learn how to solve problems on his or her own. Revisit the importance of time management and let them take control of their schedules and deadlines.

4. Encouragement

Your son or daughter will undoubtedly be stressed and worried. Make sure you talk to them during the entire process leading up to college and emphasize to them how you deal and manage your own concerns, demands, and stress.

5. Let your son or daughter practice life skills

You have most likely been making all of your child’s doctor appointments, cooking them meals, doing their laundry, and many other things as he or she has grown up. Now is a good time to let them start practicing and doing these things as it only benefit them once they go away to college. By doing this, it will make the transition easier.

6. Create a “Plan B”

Not all high school seniors are going to be accepted by the college of their first choice. Rejection can be difficult, so make sure you stay optimistic and reassure your child that there is always a Plan B. Have a discussion with your teen about the other options available.

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