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Tips for Prospective Visual or Performing Arts Majors

Tips for Prospective Visual or Performing Arts Majors

If you are planning on being a prospective visual or performing arts major, which means you would like to pursue a major in music, theater, arts, and/or dance, your admissions process can be more extensive and time-consuming due to the extra requirements for auditions or portfolios.

According to Halley Shefler, former dean of admissions at Boston Conservatory and the School of Music at Boston Massachusetts, here are some tips for the artistic student:

1. Apply to a variety of colleges.

You have most likely heard of Julliard, New York University, and other prestigious performing arts colleges. You can apply to these schools, but just understand that these are the elite colleges and most applicants unfortunately get rejected. However, there is a plethora of other colleges throughout the country. For example, other amazing colleges in music theater include Syracuse University, Elon University, and Florida State University. So do your research to find numerous colleges that suit your major.

According to Shefler, there is nothing wrong with considering traditional universities or colleges. She added, “Remember, what’s most important is that students graduate with a degree!”

2. Get opinions from experts.

Make sure that you are analyzed and critiqued by experts who are not your family, teacher, or mentor. Having an outside expert evaluate your talent will allow you to see what a person on the outside really thinks, which will help you realize your talent level.

3. Look for joint auditions.

Going to multiple auditions can become costly. Research your college or contact someone who can inform you about joint auditions and when and where these take place.

In addition, if you want to be a visual art and design major, a “National Portfolio Day” is held where representatives from various schools will review artwork and offer feedback for those who attend.

4. Be prepared for the audition.

If you need to audition, remember to dress appropriately and make sure your performance is appropriate too. Shefler says, “Don’t wear a T-shirt and jeans. You should also not wear anything that would draw attention away from your performance.”

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