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Tips for Taking the Redesigned PSAT

Tips for Taking the Redesigned PSAT

For those high school students planning on taking the PSAT in the fall, the test will debut a redesign similar to the revised SAT that will start in 2016.

According to a recent article, here are some tips to help prepare you for the PSAT.

  • Content

The redesigned, new PSAT, which will be released this October, will change its emphasis from “rote memorization” of content to an evidence-based analysis exam.

The assessment for vocabulary will focus on your skills by embedding terms within larger passages. It will also assess your ability to use the surrounding context to determine the meaning of a word.

In addition, grammar questions will also include working with grammatical mistakes in context, rather than in isolated sentences.

To improve in these skills, it is a great idea to read for pleasure as this will definitely broaden your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar in various contexts.

As far as the math portion of the exam, it will also have more emphasis on analysis and context. This will allow for more problems which involve charts, graphs, and data analysis.

  • Length

The new PSAT will be 35 minutes longer and have an additional 14 questions. To prepare, it is a good idea to take full-length practice tests and devote your attention to your time management skills.

  • Answers

The new PSAT will now use four multiple-choice answers instead of five and, like to redesigned SAT, there will no longer be a penalty for guessing.

Now, you will be able to safely guess whenever you are completely not sure of the answer or if you cannot eliminate any answer choices.

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