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Tips for Seniors Waiting for College Acceptance Decisions

Tips for Seniors Waiting for College Acceptance Decisions

Even though some college application deadlines won’t come for a few months, many high school seniors have already submitted their applications. Now, the waiting starts, which can be quite stressful. Remember that just because you have submitted your application, the school year is far from over.

While you are waiting for that decision, there are some things you should be doing.

1. Don’t let ‘senioritis’ take over

You still have to finish off your senior year on a strong note academically. Colleges will see your final transcripts and they do reserve the right to rescind an offer of admission or financial aid if your grades decline. To keep this from happening, set goals for yourself for the remainder of the academic year. Stay motivated and keep up that grade point average. And, for many seniors, AP exams are coming in the spring so challenge yourself to do awesome on every one you are planning on taking.

2. Explore a new activity or expand your involvement in a current organization

Keep yourself occupied. By getting involved in something new or in something that you have always had an interest in will keep your mind at ease and you may worry or stress less over college admissions decisions. You just might find something that will inspire you and then you can continue it in college. If you are involved in an organization or activity, ask yourself if there is more for you to do, such as a leadership position.

3. Start thinking about your summer plans

Yes, it may seem that summer is a long way off, but you can start looking and thinking about a job, an internship, or even taking summer classes. Having a job or an internship that relates to your major would be ideal, and one or two summer courses that might interest you would definitely be advantageous.

4. FAFSA and scholarships

Make sure you apply for FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Check out FAFSA’s website or talk to your counselor about applying. In addition, start looking for any scholarships that you are eligible for. Check with your high school as well as checking with the colleges you have applied to as they may have money through specific scholarships that will help offset the overall costs.

Remember, if you have any questions or need assistance, just give us a call and schedule an appointment.  We’d be happy to meet with you.