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Tips to Start Your Preparation for College

Tips to Start Your Preparation for College

Parents of eighth, ninth, and tenth graders may not want to think about it, but planning for college can and should begin early in their high school years and even before!

Knowing what is required and expected by colleges can prevent a lot of stress and anguish later on for both parents and the student.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to give you some tips on how to be best prepared as your child enters high school and begins that journey to getting that college acceptance.

  • Take Challenging Courses

College admissions officers prefer to see a high school student tackling more rigorous classes. If your child excels in a certain subject, think about AP classes, and if your child’s high school offers an International Baccalaureate, or IB, program, discuss this with us and we can help you determine the best route.

  • Start Volunteering

Many universities have a plethora of qualified applicants and like to see students involved in charitable work. Ask your son or daughter what interests them and then seek out organizations where they can volunteer. Not only will it be a valuable experience, but it might be something your child can write about in his or her college admissions essay.

  • Look into Summer Enrichment Programs

There are many summer programs that your child can become involved in. Many colleges offer prep courses over the summer, which enables the student to get a “taste” of college life. Some of these can involve special interests, volunteer opportunities, internships, and other valuable topics to enrich the student’s overall life experience.

  • Become Involved in Your High School

Remember that even though your grades are the most important aspect of your high school career, college admissions also want a well-rounded student who contributes to his high school and community. Your participation in sports, band, theater, student government, and clubs are definitely important. It is a great idea to keep a journal or documentation of all the activities you are involved in, including any leadership roles you take on and awards you receive.

At Advanced College Solutions, Inc., we work with kids and families years before high school graduation!  Please give us a call and set up an appointment so we can help you get started.