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Tips for Students and Parents During the “Testing Season”

Tips for Students and Parents During the “Testing Season”

It is that time of year for high school students: testing! Over the next several weeks, high school students will be engaged in a variety of testing, ranging from state-mandated tests to Advanced Placement exams, and from ACT and/or SAT tests to final exams.

High school counselor Shari Sevier says, “It is the time of year when kids are feeling stressed. Teens are preparing for the end of the year, when final grades are determined, and they are thinking about what those marks will mean to them.”

Not only can this time of year be mentally exhausting for your high school son or daughter, it can be just as stressful.

Here are some tips for parents and students to maintain the endurance needed during testing season.

1. Carve out some “downtime.”

Parents need to realize that their son or daughter is trying to balance an abundance of things. Students still need to perform well in all of their classes, they are studying for many different types of tests, and they have all of their extracurricular activities still going on.

Servier says, “Make sure that they have time to sit back and breathe and do something fun.”

In addition, it is extremely important to continue eating well and get enough rest during this busy time.

Having a family discussion and planning a specific time each evening and on the weekends to relax and get students’ minds off of the stress of performing well can re-energize a student.

2. Prepare in advance

Sevier explains that, “Students will feel a lot more relaxed if they start studying earlier and longer.” She suggests that students get all of their study notes together as soon as possible and start reading them over each night.

“If they continue to do that and it gets to exam time, they will not have to be worried about exams at all because they would have been studying for about two months. But they would have doing it in such a relaxed and slow manner that it is not going to be a cram situation and it’s actually putting that material into their long-term memory. And that’s where it is going to be the most beneficial.”

3. Don’t fret too much about the results

Sevier adds, “The main thing that I do is try to reassure them that they are much more than a test score.”

It is important to do well on these tests, and performing well on AP tests can lead to college credit, but not doing well shouldn’t discourage the student.

Study in advance, be as prepared as you can be, and do the best you can do.

At Advanced College Solutions, Inc., we offer a variety of programs that can help you study for different testing situations and prepare you for the college admissions process. Please give us a call and set up an appointment and we can discuss your goals and needs.