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Tips to Tackle the Redesigned SAT

Tips to Tackle the Redesigned SAT

A very important aspect of doing your best on the SAT is to prepare. However, no matter how prepared you may be, chances are that you will still encounter some questions on the college entrance exam that you cannot easily answer.

With the old SAT, you were penalized for a wrong answer, but with the new SAT, you will only be penalized by leaving an answer blank. This new format could possibly change your test-day strategy so here are a few tips to consider.

  • Understand the true meaning of “guessing”

Even if you don’t completely know the answer, you can often eliminate some options that are obviously incorrect. Working the odds by removing wrong responses will boost your score. So just don’t “guess.” Take time to process the information and eliminate answers you know aren’t right.

  • Address time restraints

Many of the complicated reading passages can take up crucial time, and some math problems will require multiple steps and calculations in order to solve a problem.

It is often important to identify the hardest questions as soon as possible, and then simply skip them and return to them later. Then, if you are in a time-crunch, read each question and follow your immediate instinct.

A good rule of thumb is to eliminate any potential answers for reading comprehension that reference absolutes like “always” or “never.”

  • Recognize “chain” questions

The redesigned SAT has what is called “chain” questions, where a question will “build” off one another. It is important to identify these types of questions because answering question “A” will lead directly to answering question “B.” Thus, being able to answer the first “chain” question is essential.

  • Have a strategy for “lost cause” questions

Under the new SAT, there will be four answer choices. But, you will most likely run into a few questions where you simply cannot arrive at the right answer. By eliminating one answer, it raises your odds of answering correctly from 25% to 33%. So, it is worth your time to carefully analyze why each answer is potentially wrong.

  • The “open-ended” questions

On the new SAT, there will be “open-ended” math questions, which means they are not multiple choice, but fill-in-the-blank responses. Again, remember that there is no penalty for guessing, so if you have a good idea for the answer, go with it. However, if you are really stumped by the question, skip it and come back to it later, focusing on the easier questions you definitely know.

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