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Websites That Offer College Information

Websites That Offer College Information

High school students researching colleges can often be an overwhelming task. Last week, an article in The Washington Post gave a helping hand to this task by listing various websites that students can utilize to help in their search.

Here is a synopsis of the websites the article suggested:

1. College Scorecard (

This website is from the White House and has an extensive list of public and private colleges and universities throughout the country. You can pull up data on graduation rates, average annual cost, earnings after college, and student body demographics.

An important feature the site has is the information on the number of students who have paid at least $1 toward the principal of their student loans within three years of leaving school, which may be important if you know you will have to borrow money attending college.

2. Edvisors (

Edvisors mainly focuses on college finance. It includes filing for FAFSA, searching for scholarships, working during school, and repaying student loans.

The sites tutorials and calculators are excellent features and families can learn the difference between private and federal loans.

3. U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges (

This site has useful information about student life, campus services, and the amount of financial aid students receive on average. It also offers advice on college admissions, studying abroad, application fees, and many other important aspects of colleges.

4. Consumer Affair’s Online College Review (

Consumer Affairs compiled a list of online colleges, which includes if the college is accredited, the degrees awarded, and which type of students would get the most out of the program.

However, the list only looks at ten highly rated schools based on consumer reviews.

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