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How to Write a College Admissions Essay

How to Write a College Admissions Essay

Writing Admissions Essays

Most admission applications require an admission essay, and scholarship applications often contain one or more essays, in addition to grades and test scores. The most common questions ask you to share personal information such as your plans and goals, a life changing experience, your beliefs and principles, or your financial situation. This essay is your chance to shine among the applicants and to demonstrate that you are the most deserving candidate. Here are various things to focus on as you write this essay:

~ Carefully contemplate exactly what the question asks. Make a list of some pertinent ideas and use the list as your outline.

~ Do not be too vague or generic. Everything should explain something unique about YOU.

~ Tailor your essay subject matter to fit the college or university’s mission and perspective. Convince them that you are the perfect candidate.

~ Consider which of your accomplishments might interest the committee the most and reflect them.

~ Do not repeat information listed on the application itself, but give specific circumstances and precise examples.

~ Do not use big words and obscure vocabulary trying to impress the committee; they will see through it.

~ Follow given guidelines concerning font size and essay length. Some request typed essays and others hand-written. Even if you write the most amazing essay, failure to comply with instructions can disqualify you.

~ Appearance is of utmost importance!  Spell everything correctly; follow grammar and punctuation rules; and keep your paper neat. This essay may be the committee’s sole basis for their selection. A paper full of errors or one that is sloppy can imply you do not care or are unqualified, regardless if this is an accurate judgement or not.

~ Save your essay! There is absolutely nothing wrong with using the same ideas for several applications. Make revisions when needed so that the essay topic answers the essay questions specifically.

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