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Financial Aid, Admissions, and Scholarship Assistance for College Undergrads and Graduate Students.

So, You Want to Go to College…

So, You Want to Go to College…

How does a parent start this process of getting a child into college? Those who are aware of how complicated the process is, start the process in middle school. Choices of curriculum in 7th and 8th grades can impact college admission. But, most importantly, this is the time that students should be forming good work habits and good study habits at school and at home. Good discipline habits can help students achieve all through high school.

It’s also a good idea that students begin their community service and leadership roles even before high school. Many middle schools and elementary schools offer ASB and other leadership programs; students should look into these options if available at their schools.. Programs in science or math are also important steps for preparing for college admission. Science Olympiad is a good choice for young students to become involved in science. It allows students to take concepts and show they can also apply them.

Starting their 17th year helping students get into college, Advanced College Solutions works with students from 8th grade to seniors in high school. They guide students and their parents through the process, coaching on details such as those discussed in the above paragraphs. Planning for your student’s college should start early; you want your child to have lots of options. Starting early is one way to make that happen, ACS can help you reach your goal. Contact us at 951-693-2153 for a free one hour consultation!

Ardeth Meier
Advanced College Solutions